Your Customer Avatar

When I was working in real estate I learned one thing about people… we are all listening to the same radio station – WIIFM… what’s in it for me??

Creating a customer avatar is about finding groups of people who share similar characteristics, wants and needs… you niche down until your market becomes too narrow… I would much rather be too narrow than be to broad…

Let me explain…

Real estate is broad…

You can start out by separating home buyers and home sellers. Now pay attention to the difference in the type of message you would send to each of these that will get their attention

A home seller wants to sell their house fast and for top dollar.

A home buyer wants to buy a house at a bargain. They don’t want a cheap house, they want the expensive house, but they only want to pay a fraction of what it costs…

This is why the word foreclosure is a nightmare for a seller, and a dream come true for a buyer.

Home buyers is a niche, but you can still narrow it down.

How about first time home buyers vs move up home buyers?

Look at the difference in the messages that you send to these two niches.

A move up home buyers has been through the process before. They want to move up, and now they look at luxury. Location over size. Prestige gets their attention…

A first time home buyer, as long as the house looks better than whatever hole they are renting at the moment, that’s good enough for them. It’s a starting point and they’d rather find a house that would help with closing costs etc.

If you talk about prestige and luxury to a first time homebuyer, you lose them… they may say, would be nice, but I can’t afford it.

If you show a first time home to a move up buyer, they’ll say no thanks, we’re looking for luxury.

Creating a customer avatar is about identifying these groups of people and then creating marketing funnels just for them. It’s one of the things I learned to put together a Tiny Little Business. Customizing solutions and ways to help them that are specific to their problems, wants and needs. This is one of the secrets of my profitable email campaigns I’m currently running.

It’s not about offering a solution to a problem, but understanding your customer so well, that they feel compelled to follow you and do as you tell them to do, provided you are positioning yourself as their most trusted adviser.


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