Using events and product launches to grow my business

Angel’s landing at Zion national park is considered a strenuous and dangerous hike, with narrow paths and one thousand feet drop offs on either side…

The view from the top shows you miles of the virgin river and scenic canyons from a thousand feet perspective as if you were flying over the canyon..

On average 8,000 people a day visit Zion around this time of year, but today an extra 3,000 marathon runners (plus their friends and family) are here for the Zion half marathon.

I’m thinking there’s almost double the people here today, which I’m sure local businesses are loving…

This is the power of events.

An event can be something like a product launch.

Take the iPhone for example…

The release day is an event. It’s their product launch.

On release day thousands of people LINE UP TO BUY the iPhone and an influx of business comes through that event alone.

That’s why I use events to grow my business…

Starting next week I’m going to be sharing on my email newsletter the new strategies I’m learning about events like product launches.

Hip Hip Jorge

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