The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

The online marketing landscape is shifting. The pendulum had swung to the end where everything was automated and there was little interaction with people.

Little by little people started to interact with their customers more and more and we entered the Web 2.0 space. People just wanted to make sure they were dealing with real human beings on the others side of the screen.

Since every business is looking to promote their facebook fan page, every business wants you to subscribe to their newsletter, the trend is continuing to the point where people are now looking to get to know people before they take any sort of action.

This is why, I’ve been studying taking on the role of becoming a trusted adviser. This is what makes automated tools like email autoresponders remain profitable in 2014

… you have to be willing to interact with people on your list.

Be willing to talk to people before they buy…

They want to make sure you are human… Marketing 1-on-1… it’s about to get really $@# hard!!

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