I’m learning to be more productive!

Snowboarding in Whistler BC Canada

I’m sitting here at Whistler, B.C. thinking about how much easier it is to be productive when you do LESS “work” and MORE of what you love to do.

When I started marketing online I thought I had to do everything…

Web design
Email marketing
Social media
Google AdWords
Video marketing
Facebook ads

I thought I was “working hard”, but really I was just working more… The danger of being an entrepreneur is that you can “work hard”, work a lot, yet not be productive.

Sometimes it’s better to work less… You can earn more by learning how to take blocks of time highly focused on income producing activities only.

Only during those blocks of time you “work hard” so you can then play hard… I am putting together a case study about my friend Chris who was able to quit his bartending job and is now a full time online marketer.

He built his business using instagram on his spare time while working his bartending job and I’ll be sharing with you how he did it…

(Hint: you’ll learn how I learned to do more productive work in 45 min than I used to “working” all day on my business)

Stay tuned…

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