How to Market On YouTube

One of my friends has recently asked me to share how I used YouTube to market my businesses, generate leads and most importantly monetize YouTube!!

While YouTube does have a monetizing program, that was not my strategy. There are “YouTubers” who post a video, usually entertainment type of video, get 1 million views per video and get paid based on people clicking on the ads shown during video playback…

For my business, being in different smaller niches, I relied more on a couple different strategies.

First and foremost, I used YouTube as a way to follow up, stay in touch and deliver value to my niche.

What I found was the most important component of my videos was the information given.

The structure I followed (out of habit more than anything else) was letting people know what I was going to talk about, why I was talking about it, share a story on the topic (lesson included) and peak interest on the next video I had in mind or on a promotion I was running at the time.

  • What
  • Why
  • Story (lesson)
  • Peak interest

If I were to teach a course on video marketing I would spend a good portion of the program talking about this because most of the other strategies I’m going to talk about would probably fall flat on their faces if you are not good at delivering content.

My first 100 videos sucked! Over time, I became comfortable on camera and felt like I was just talking to a good friend.

That’s the foundation…

Now, my main goal when posting YouTube videos was to get my name out there. I wanted people to “discover me” either by seeing my video on YouTube’s related videos section or even ranking my YouTube videos so they appear as search results on Google.

Ranking your YouTube videos on Google is the “holy grail” of internet marketing if done right.

I don’t know if there is an exact formula to do this, some of my videos rank and stick while others don’t take off no matter what I do.

Here are a couple videos as examples that have gotten me a lot of views and as a result customers for my businesses.

I was chubby back then, but anyways, as you can see these are two videos where I have 66,998 views and 93,046 views...

Through those videos I've been able to build my email list and it helps me promote other videos that I use to promote products or build my list...

How do you get a lot of video views?

Start with a good foundation. Most important part is the content. I see a lot of people make videos based on keywords they want to rank instead of making videos based on good content that needs to be shared.

It's powerful when you make videos from the latter perspective.

Step 1. Create content that needs to be shared.

If the content is actually good, you don't have to worry about sharing the video with others as much, because others will do the work for you and share it with others. If your content is not good, you'll know because people will give you thumbs down and won't share it as much.

One principle I operated with was that if you want YouTube to give you viewers, you have to give YouTube viewers.

What this means is that if I uploaded a video on YouTube, I would send traffic to the video page on YouTube.

I realized my results were better this way one day when I got lazy and sent people directly to YouTube instead of writing a blog and embedding the video on my blog. I used to "hog" the traffic if you will.

What I realized was that if I can get a lot of viewers within the first couple of hours of uploading the video, YouTube was more likely to show my video under the related videos section.

Rather than rely on my YouTube subscribers to watch the video, I sent an email to my list to "promote" the video I just uploaded.

Step 2. Help people discover your video

I'd take would be to find related videos by searching the topic I just talked about and I would comment on those videos. Sometimes I'd let people know in the comments "I uploaded a video (title of the video) and I my thoughts are (summarize the video)"... that would get people to my channel to find the video.

Sometimes I'd actually post a link to my video by sharing their video on my google plus account and including a link on the post.

In other words, I don't wait for YouTube to send me new viewers, I am proactive and help other viewers find me...

The way I look at it is that the more I comment on other people's related videos, the more likely I am to be found and when YouTube shows my video as a related video I double my chances of being found on those specific videos.

To summarize on getting more viewers, I promote the video by sending traffic to it. Primarily I send an email to my list, I may also share it on facebook, twitter, instagram and any social media platform where I have a presence. The key is to get as many viewers within the first couple hours of uploading it.

This means you have to know what time is your audience more likely to watch the video... in one of my niches I seem to do better when I post content in the morning. In another niche, I seem to do better when I post content in the afternoon or evening... so I plan accordingly.

After the initial promotion, I drip on the video by commenting and sharing that video in other places. I'd rather spend time promoting the video than creating a new one. You'll know when the video gets traction when you see your views go up on their own, which may take 2 to 5 days, then I look at putting together a new video.

I would do this until you build a big enough list to go after competitive keywords and try to rank the videos on Google.

How to Rank Your YouTube Videos on Google

When you master the steps above, you'll have an easier time ranking videos on Google. Now, honestly, even if there were to be a formula you can depend on, Google changes their algorithm all the time, so you'll always have to keep trying new things and stick to what has worked in the past until you find something better to replace.

The reason why quality of content is important is because I believe that Google takes into account how long the viewers watch your videos. If they watch only 15 seconds and then stop, it doesn't matter if you have 20,000 views from promoting the video... Google knows viewers don't like the content.

Good content makes people engage even without asking. Some of my best videos are the ones where people leave comments, thumbs up, share the video and interact... some of those views are repeat views and those are good, because it means the video content is good and all those things add up.

Once you have mastered all of that, then there's only one thing left to do... backlink campaign. You'll want to have links pointing back to the video.

For this I use a couple services. If the keyword is not too competitive then I use SocialMonkee. This is a pretty good service, though, the absolute best one I've used though more advanced is MagicSubmitter.

I have taken videos where I upload them, share them to get initial views, promote as much as I can and after a day or two when I have a good amount of views I use one of the programs above (or outsource via oDesk, Fiverr, etc.) to link back to the video.

I make sure the video has a good description (400-1,000 words) almost like a blog post on the topic... I make sure the video includes the keyword I'm trying to rank for in the title, though also making sure it's not the only thing in the title.

That's pretty much it!

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